Siku Moja launched in 2016 on Kickstarter with its first capsule collection of loungewear, The Everyday. At Siku Moja, we create precious things for you and your home whilst working for a more inclusive global market.

One day, in between East Africa and the UK, we dreamt of a place where the pace of life is not driven by trend or season but in a shared interest to live a more sustainable and balanced life.

Siku Moja means "one day" in the language of Kiswahili, and for us it represents this place, our dream, a future and the journey we’re on to achieve it. 

We create beautiful things with expert craftsmanship. Our style is classic and timeless so that you can treasure our pieces today and tomorrow.

We design considerately and collaboratively, valuing the environment we’re responsible for and the people we work with.

We design for longevity, constructing our products to last and selecting materials from ethical and sustainable sources, that wear well.

We design to bring value to everyone in the supply chain. So we build open and transparent partnerships with micro-businesses and small producers that specialise in handmade small-scale production. We work with our partners and customers to help achieve a more equal balance between supply and demand to create more sustainable societies.

We look forward to sharing the Siku Moja story with you as we grow.

Much Love Elly and Jo