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Collision: From London to Africa Siku Moja launches new collection.

The beautiful capsule collection from Siku Moja is launching in London today. The collection of lacey loungewear is a gorgeous collision of clean lines and timeless styles designed in London and mixed with prints inspired by Tanzania & East African culture.  

Launch Event

Curiously Conscious

Siku Moja Launch Party

Last week I spent an evening at the launch of ethical fashion brand Siku Moja. I had a really fun time, met some beautiful people am so happy to see the birth of the 'everyday faraway brand' that is Siku Moja!

Stories Behind Things

#SustainableSummerWardrobe pyjama pick from @siku_moja

Siku Moja is an East African brand that launched in 2016. Siku Moja means "one day" in Kiswahili, representing their mission as a brand; the journey to a cleaner future that isn't driven by throwaway cultures.

The Everyday Kanga Shorts

Saiint Sisters

All you need is one day with Siku Moja

The Collection is made up of beautiful pieces of loungewear, reinvented for the 21st century. Designed in London, clean lines and timeless styles are combined with details of lace and Tanzanian Kanga prints, using sustainably-sourced fabrics from the UK, India and Tanzania. And if you speak Kiswahili you will know that Siku Moja means 'one day'. We love a name that has so much personal meaning to those who chose it!


Whats Your Legacy

Isn’t sustainability a very tricky thing?

We often get asked what is sustainability and then we get caught up in heated conversation on what we classify as ‘sustainable’ design. To be honest, there isn’t a single person who can give a definite answer. So, why don’t we just show you an example of how we personally go about it.

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Sheer Apparel

Siku Moja - Everyday Luxury

Beautiful sustainable fabrics, small-scale production and designs inspired by world travel. Siku Moja's lingerie and loungewear is the latest addition to our collection, and, with its unique details, sustainable fabrics and two inspiring female founders, it is a brand after our own hearts. We spoke to founders Elly and Jo about their inspiration.

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Moyo World

Siku Moja - London.

Siku Moja is one ethical brand inspired by connections between people and places. Combining clean lines and timeless styles with details of lace and Tanzanian Kanga prints. Siku Moja's collection of comfortable yet sexy loungewear is all-round amazing. 

That Happy Mess

Redefined luxury with Siku Moja Loungewear

Siku moja is a loungewear brand that launched its first collection in 2016 and I'm already in love with it's friendly approach to the planet and people. The founders of Siku Moja, Elly and Jo, had the dream of creating a place where the pace of life is not driven by trend or season but in a shared interest to live a more sustainable and balanced life, and that's how the brand was born.